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Learn more about how Mary Moriarty is failing you and your community


Mary Moriarty campaigned for the position of Hennepin County Attorney on a platform of change and reform. Unfortunately for residents of Hennepin County, what she meant by that is being soft on juvenile crime and lenient with defendants of all ages. Mary Moriarty started her career as a public defender and doesn’t seem to realize she is now on the other side of the table. 

Since taking office in January 2023, Mary has repeatedly put criminals back on the streets and made our community less safe. She's freeing rapists, murderers and carjackers, who go on to commit additional crimes.  She’s sending criminals a message that they can do what they want and not be held accountable. It’s demoralizing and frighting for everyone in our community. None of us in safe until she’s out of office. In addition to that, the Hennepin County Attorney has five functions. A quick Google search will show Mary Moriarty is failing in at least three of these five: ​

  1. Prosecute felony-level offenses committed by adults.  

  2. Prosecute all offenses committed by juveniles.  

  3. Provide advocacy, support, and referrals for crime victims as their cases move through the criminal justice process.  

  4. Represent the board of commissioners, county administration, and county departments in legal matters.  

  5. Represent the county in civil commitment hearings for residents with mental illness, chemical dependency, and developmental disabilities. ( (about the Hennepin County Attorney's Office)) 


If you are upset about the way she is treating our community, please let us know. Read, share and help how you can!


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