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Read More About Mary's Lapses in Judgement 

It's hard to believe Mary was only sworn into office in January 2023. She's sure made the news a lot so far!

You will need a lot of free time to read all the press she's gotten.

School Board Chair, Jen Westmoreland, Partner of County Attorney Mary Moriarty
Guess what? Mary and her partner, Jen Westmoreland, are trying to make things worse for all of us! Although she's unqualified and there's an extreme conflicts of interest, Mary's partner is running to somewhat be her boss! Although Jen says she and Mary won't talk politics, etc. it sure looks like Mary is helping with the campaign.

Moriarty Partner Downplays Concerns that Relationship May Pose Conflict to Her Candidacy
More on Jen & Mary (again, it doesn't look like there's much distance here).


Gov. Walz disagrees with Mary:

Concerns about Mary's judgement:

Police association disagrees with Mary:

Calls from the state level and down for her to resign after dismissing expert opinions:

Congressman Stauber can see prosecutorial misconduct:

Mary's anti-law enforcement agenda:

If Mary doesn't like the facts, she just ignores them:

More calls for Mary to resign after, "selective and politically-motivated prosecution"

Multiple mentions on Twitter by lawmakers and others: 

Prosecuting people who have, "no criminal conduct," according to experts:

Apparently, Mary prosecutes those who don't commit crimes and lets criminals go free:

Bloomington Police Chief Slams Release of Two Women Convicted of Murder
Mary letting criminals go without any consequences (again).

Joe Soucheray Handled Ricky Cobb
Soucheray telling it like it is.

Over 40% of Convicted Gun Crimes Don't Get Mandatory Minimum Sentence
Going in the wrong direction, ignoring mandatory minimum sentencing for gun crimes.

Hennepin County Attorneys Decision Not to Charge Man with Assault for Dragging Police Officer 40 Yard, Causes Controversy
How is shooting someone, "Attempted assault" in the Markey/Braveheart case but dragging a police officer 40 yards with you vehicle is not a crime at all?

No Extra Jail Time for Defendant in Murder Case Under Moriarty Backed Deal

Markey/Braveheart case update.


MN Police Group Rips Hennepin Attorney Trooper Murder Charge

Again, a law enforcement officer performing his duties in a life or death situation is charged with a crime but a shooting while attempting to carjack an innocent man isn't?

Family of Slain St. Louis Park Man Enraged by 4 Year Plea Deal

Stabbing people to death gets a light sentence from Mary, you no longer have to do the time if you do the crime.

Making Parole Probation Effective

Not quite about Mary but explaining why Mary's ideas about probation making us safer are not evidence backed.

Mary claims to represent victims (as the prosecutor's office is supposed to, but victims' families disagree:


More on Mary not caring about victims, who she was elected to represent:

Mary pledging not to charge young people with crimes (which is in conflict with the duties of her office):

Charging cops instead of criminals:

Chaplin speaks out against Mary's outrageous charging decision:

Another wise judge disagrees with Mary (no surprise there):

Trying to hide things from the public, Mary says this is to benefit the defendant but the defendant and his attorney oppose the motion:

The people Mary was represented to work for have no confidence:

Still acting for the defendants (criminals) even though she's supposed to be the prosecutor:

This might have been a bad sign, right from the start:

Judge Burns points out all the reasons a plea deal crafted by Mary is inappropriate: 

Angie Craig's noticing how dangerous this is: 

Analysis of rejected plea deal:

Analysis of Mary's mistakes in her tenure to date:

Inappropriate plea deal rejected by heroic judge:

Making national news by concerning legal experts:

Named, "America's Worst Prosecutor,"

Facing backlash for proposing probation rather than prison for violent offenders: 

Families try desperately to get justice for their loved ones:

Victims' families tears mean nothing to Mary Moriarty:

Protesting injustice for murder victims:

New York Post:

International Coverage in the Daily Mail:

Things started going wrong early in her tenure:

Going easy on criminals:

The name says it all, consistently poor judgement:


Minneapolis Police Chief links recent crime to 'lack of accountability' for teens:

How did Mary even get elected? (dark money):


Outrageous and ridiculous plea offers letting criminals walk:

Jon Justice weighing in on Mary's behavior:


And Jon Justice sharing the peition:

The Gov. Walz has to step in:


Suspended as public defender over "Culture of fear":

TV coverage of Mary's lack of progress with a failing system:


Mary misses the point and misunderstands the criminal justice reform voters wanted:

More voices call for a recall because of Mary's soft-on-crime stance:


Mary denies justice to a juvenile rape victim:

Justice denied; rapist set free:

Misunderstanding state laws:

Defendant goes free because of prosecutor lying:

Victims begging for justice (but Mary does what's best for criminals):

Removed as Chief Public Defender:


Given a $300,000 settlement:

Injustice for Zaria:


Messing up a rape case and refusing to charge the rapist:

After trying to get away with prosecuting a case on which she had a conflict of interest, Mary finally did the right thing:

When Mary finally admits a conflict, the case is moved to Ramsey County:

In spite of also having a conflict of interest in this case, Mary offers probation for carjacking and murder:

How families are re-victimized by the person who is supposed to help them:

Family speaks out against Mary's bad judgement:

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