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Who is Mary Moriarty?

She was elected to prosecute criminals, not defend them. 

Mary Moriarty spent nearly 30 years as a Hennepin County public defender, including approximately five years as its chief public defender. While she may have been a strong advocate for her clients, there were significant concerns regarding her capability to lead the public defender's office. On December 23, 2019, Moriarty was placed on indefinite suspension. The Minnesota Board of Public Defense hired a law firm to investigate allegations that she had posted offensive content on social media, created a fearful environment in her office and fractured relationships with criminal justice leaders.


In September 2020, the Minnesota Board of Public Defense voted 4–2 against re-appointing Moriarty. On June 22, 2021, the Minnesota Board of Public Defense agreed to pay Moriarty an out of court settlement of $300,000 and Moriarty officially retired from the Hennepin County Public Defender’s Office.


Unsatisfied with her payoff, Mary ran for Hennepin County Attorney.  In 2022, Mary was elected to lead the Hennepin County Attorney's Office by voters who didn't understand her viewpoint on crime. Her judgment and leadership remain questionable and her loyalties remain the same--to her former clients and not to the community and victims she was elected to represent.


Her role is and should be different now. She is here to prosecute, not defend. She is supposed to pursue justice on behalf of victims and the community at large, to help ensure public safety. By all accounts, Moriarty has not transitioned from her role as public defender and is still of the mindset to protect alleged offenders at the cost of public safety, justice, victims, and the community.

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