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Mary's Supporters

Mary didn't get elected all by herself. There are rumors of dark money that helped fund her campaign. But, more publicly, these people and organizations endorsed Mary in her run for Hennepin County Attorney: 

Lona Dallessandro, Bloomington City Council

Jenna Carter, Bloomington City Council 

Dwayne Lowman, Bloomington City Council 

Patrick Martin, Bloomington City Council (now former)

April Graves, Mayor / Brooklyn Center City Council 

Valerie Castile, Brooklyn Park Resident

Nausheena Hussain, Brooklyn Park Resident

Nekima Levy Armstrong, Civil Rights Attorney and Activist

Jamael Lundy, Criminal Justice Reform Leader / MN House of Rep Staff

Therese Kiser, Crystal City Council 

John Budziszewski, Crystal City Council 

David Cummings, Crystal City Council 

Chris Eaton, Minnesota State Senator, District 40

Mary K. Kunesh, Minnesota State Senator, District 39

Sandra Feist, Minnesota State Representative, District 39B

Jamie Becker-Finn, Minnesota State Representative, District 40B

Ann Johnson Stewart, Minnesota State Senator, District 44

Ann Rest, Minnesota State Senator, District 43

Cedrick Frazier, Minnesota State Representative, District 43A

Mike Freiberg, Minnesota State Representative, District 43B

Ilhan Omar, Congressional Representative - 05

Michael Howard, Minnesota State Representative, District 51A

Sydney Jordan, Minnesota State Representative, District 60A

Scott Dibble, Minnesota State Senator, District 61

Frank Hornstein, Minnesota State Representative, District 61A

Jamie Long, Minnesota State Representative, District 61B

Aisha Gomez, Minnesota State Representative, District 62A

Patricia Torres-Ray, Minnesota State Senator, District 63

Jim Davnie, (former) Minnesota State Representative, District 63A

Emma Greenman, Minnesota State Representative, District 63B

Carlos Mariani, (former) Minnesota State Representative, District 65B

Kimberly Sanberg, (former) Golden Valley City Council

Marion Greene, Hennepin County Commissioner (district 3) 

Angela Conley, Hennepin County Commissioner (district 4)

Irene Fernando, Hennepin County Commissioner/Board Chair (district 2)

Sara Jane Baldwin, (former) Hennepin County Public Defender

Diana Ky, (former) Assistant Hennepin County Public Defender

Morgan France-Ramirez, Assistant Hennepin County Public Defender

Kathy Moccio, (former) Hennepin County Public Defender

Nadine Graves, Managing Attorney Hennepin County Public Defender's Office

Heidi Garrido, Hopkins City Council

Jen Westmoreland, Hopkins School Board (former chair) 

Andrea Jenkins, Minneapolis City Council (former President) (Ward 8)

Elliott Payne, Minneapolis City Council (current President) (Ward 1) 

Aisha Chughtai, Minneapolis City Council (current Vice-President) (Ward 10)

Elizabeth Glidden, (former) Minneapolis City Council

Leslie Redmond, Past President MPLS NAACP

Kim Ellison, Minneapolis School Board (Vice-Chair)

Keith Ellison, Minnesota Attorney General

Julie Blaha, Minnesota State Auditor

Kissy Coakley, Minnetonka City Council (running for State Rep Dist 49A)

Dr. Kimberly Wilburn, Minnetonka City Council 

Sherrie Pugh, Mound City Council

De'Vonna Pittman, New Hope Business Owner

Kelsey Dawson Walton, (former) Osseo School Board Chair

Thomas Brooks, Osseo School Board

Tamara Grady, Osseo School Board

Dominique Pierre-Toussaint, Resident & Nonprofit Leader

Ben Whalen, Richfield City Council (ward 3)

Maria Regan Gonzalez, (former) Richfield Mayor (Maria Medina)

Sheila Webb, (former) Robbinsdale City Council 

Helen Bassett, Robbinsdale School Board (former chair)

Sharon Brooks Green, Robbinsdale School Board

Sharon Sund, Scientist and Restorative Justice Facilitator

Nadia Mohamed, St. Louis Park Mayor 

Lynnette Dumalag, St. Louis Park City Council Member (ward 2)

Sue Budd, St. Louis Park City Council (ward 3)

Sarah Davis, St. Louis Park School Board and Mary's lackey in the HCAO

Virginia Mancini, St. Louis Park School Board

Sarah Super, Survivor, Educator, Activist (Still supportive after Mary Moriarty let the rapist of a minor free?)

Perry Moriearty, University of Minnesota Professor of Law

Kathleen Cole, Waite Park Resident (Why are residents of another county endorsing someone they can't vote for or did someone not proofread?) 

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